Bioclear: A New Solution to an Age-Old Problem

What are “Black Triangles” and Diastemas?

More and more, we are hearing from patients about the unwanted space or “dental black triangles” that are developing between their teeth. Teeth naturally taper as the move towards the root, so the resulting gaps are often triangle-shaped.  These “black triangles” leave the teeth looking old and dark.  This isn’t because your teeth are dark; it is just the contrast between your white teeth, pink gums, and dark space, making them appear dark. This dark space, unfortunately, is what our human eye is drawn to. Beyond appearance, these dark voids trap food debris, plaque, tartar, and bacteria, which can create additional problems with your oral health.

Black Triangle Closure Before using Bioclear.
Image of a “Black Triangle” in an otherwise beautiful smile.

Another type of gap is known as a diastema. They are a natural gapping that occurs between teeth and is usually seen in the anterior (front) teeth. Although there is nothing wrong with the teeth, many people do not like the appearance, and it can create feelings of embarrassment or affect self-esteem.

Why do “Black Triangles” happen?

There are several reasons that these black triangles form.  For some people, they may have more than one reason that they have black triangles. The most common reasons are:

  • The Tooth’s Natural Shape
  • Post Orthodontic Treatment
  • Gingival (Gum line) Recession and Bone Loss

The first is just simply the shape of some teeth. When your teeth are naturally triangular in shape, they connect with one another at the chewing surface but not near the gum line, leaving a larger gap between teeth.  Furthermore, black triangles often develop after orthodontic treatment (braces) is completed, especially in adults. This is a natural consequence of alignment correction and often cannot be avoided. Another common cause is gum recession and bone loss. If the gums surrounding your teeth begin to recede due to gum disease or bite-related traumas, you may notice these black triangles begin to appear. If left untreated, they will grow larger over time.

What are the treatment options for black triangles between teeth?

For a long time, the best options available to treat gaps were crowns or veneers. Both of which required multiple appointments and the removal of tooth structure.  After years of research and development in dental product technology, Bioclear has created a new way to solve an old problem. Using the Bioclear Matrix System, Dr. Youssef can offer an alternative to veneers or dental crowns that provide unparalleled results with a minimally invasive process that will close these black triangles and dramatically improve your smile.  This space is filled with a glassy smooth, and anatomically shaped composite material.  This process will not only close the space but will also dramatically brighten your smile.

Black Triangle Closure After using Bioclear.
After Photo of a closure of a “Black Triangle” using the Bioclear system.

Whether you have black triangles or a diastema, our cosmetic dentist at Affinity Contemporary Dentistry in Edmonds, WA, can utilize the Bioclear Matrix System to achieve a rich, healthy smile restoration that will last and help to preserve and restore the papilla or gumline.  In many cases, it is the only long-lasting solution, especially on lower teeth.  Contact our dental office to schedule a consultation to see if the Bioclear solution is right for you!

Sometimes seeing is believing. Take a moment and watch the Bioclear Matrix System beautifully close a diastema in one visit, without taking away a millimeter of tooth structure.

Video of a Bioclear Diastema Closure

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